HarbisonWalker International

Feel our intensity at work, too.

When HarbisonWalker International emerged from a name change – and after successfully folding several companies into one – the refractory company needed a new brand positioning. One that would reflect a new culture and support the global leader’s expansion goals in the U.S. and around the world. After a great deal of research and thoughtful strategic planning, we unearthed a key insight. That what sets HWI apart is the passion, drive and unique work ethic of its people. And in three memorable words, a new brand was born: Intensity at Work.

You can feel the grit and tenacity of the new HWI in every print ad, brochure, video and web page. A confident voice resonates across all communications. And the company’s ethos comes to life in a bold visual identity – where every element works together to make an intense and powerful statement.