Lincoln Learning Solutions

A new Lincoln Learning stands tall.

When it came under new leadership, everything about the National Network of Digital Schools was changing. It was developing a new online K-12 curriculum for U.S. Schools. It was looking to expand into the adult learning space. Its core mission was evolving, too. So the organization needed a new name, brand positioning and a message refresh. We saw an opportunity to leverage the school’s unique selling point and the values that define it. As the only non-profit alternative, here was a school whose mission was to do business with people who believe what you believe.

A new name was developed: Lincoln Learning, which built upon the equity of Lincoln Interactive, one of the school’s key products. A new tagline was crafted: Ignite a Mind. Change the World. And an iconic visual approach – a library of learning squares – was implemented across a host of marketing and communications materials. These learning squares represent the wide breadth of knowledge that Lincoln Learning can offer its learners.