PA Cyber

One smart cyber school. One smart re-brand.

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School is one the nation’s most experienced and successful online public schools. But it was facing challenges, including a leadership change and declining enrollment. PA Cyber needed to revitalize its brand and redefine itself in the marketplace. Most cyber schools focus all their marketing efforts on their online delivery model. We took a different approach. After a thorough discovery process, we developed a new student-centric brand that highlighted families and the love of learning. The new logo features a stylized owl – a symbol of knowledge and wisdom – and new messaging, including the tagline “The Learning Never Stops.” The new brand was applied to everything, including advertising, websites, social media, print collateral, signage, vehicles and giveaways. PA Cyber loved the logo so much, we decided to make it come alive by creating a school mascot. Archie (short for Archimedes) attends all school and enrollment events. The kids think he’s a real hoot.