Hard work, determination and creativity go a long way.

The role of Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board was to develop a thriving workforce in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. But it faced a major hurdle. The region’s employers and job seekers didn’t know who the organization was, let alone the good work it did to connect people with jobs. The organization also needed to align with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, which mandated that all Investment Boards around the country focus on Development instead of Investment.

Our job was to develop a new name, tagline, identity and messaging that would communicate the organization’s value to the community. After a holistic branding workshop – where we partnered with staff and board members – we landed on a new name: Partner4Work. From there, we developed a bold and impactful new website and assisted with a campaign featuring the theme: 40,000 partners for 40,000 new jobs.

Everything about this branding effort feels smart, energized and hard working –much like the organization itself. Now, there’s no mistaking what Partner4Work does when it goes to work every day.